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Tips for ensuring your website is performing as well as it should be and delivering results that’s right for success.

You may have had a website up and running for many years. It may even be relatively successful in attracting interest in your business and converting that interest into customers. On the other hand your web-site may be out there almost forgotten and rarely, if ever generating any enquiries, let alone sales.

Either way it is almost certain that without occasional redesign your site is failing to fulfil its true potential as a main marketing component of your business.

Your website needs to seen as being up-to-date in its general appearance and layout. It needs to be utilising the latest design technology. It must be search engine friendly and based on a complete understanding of the latest Google and other major search engine requirements. It needs to comply with current W3C accessibility and other standards. It should be compliant with use on all types of media. Even a web-site designed only two years ago is unlikely to be meeting all of these requirements and you should certainly be considering a redesign if your site is over five years old.

It is strange that many businesses do not seem to appreciate that there are fashions in web-site layout and that ensuring their site’s design is in keeping with current fashion actually matters.

The same businesses readily identify the need to change the layout of a shop or other outlet to meet current fashions and realise that failing to do so would result in the loss of customers to their competitors. Yet a web-site is exactly like a shop. Even if it does not actually have an online sales function, it is still the place of contact where a potential customer first meets the business and forms that vital first impression of it. A complete updating and re-designing of a web-site need not be an expensive task. This is because a professional web-designer will work with your existing content. They will only change things you want to change and a detailed analysis of your site’s needs in full consultation with you will take place before any changes are implemented.