River Great Ouse In Bedford

What about Bedford?

Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire, England. The town has an estimated population of 87,590 and it is well known for its large population of Italian descent. Bedford sits on the River Great Ouse, and is thought to have been the burial place of Offa of Mercia.

Like other medium-sized towns, Bedford seems to have no shortage of web designers but what factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the right one for your project?

Affordable web design in Bedford

Designing a visually compelling website is only part of what a good website design company should be doing for you. We believe in creating sites that actually convert website visitors into real leads, sales and customers.

Listening comes first

You may also come across web designers who want to talk at you, rarely pausing to listen to your requirements and ideas. Whilst we have no shortage of inspiration or creative ideas to offer, listening carefully to our client’s ideas and knowledge always comes first.

Updating your website’s content

Some web designers provide websites that only they are able to make changes to. This locks their clients into a dependency relationship where important updates can face costly delays. The websites we design use a content management system (C.M.S.). This ensures that you, the website owner, have complete freedom to make content changes as often as you want to.

Web design and search engine optimisation

Beware of web designers who say they experts in search engine optimisation (SEO) and claim they are able to optimise your website to rank highly in the search engines. There is a simple test you can apply to check out this sort of claim. All you need to do is run two or three searches in Google, using the most popular search terms, e.g. “Web Design”, “Web Designer” and “Web Design SEO Service”. Ignore any paid ads which appear at the top of the page and look for the web designer’s own website amongst the remaining results on the first two or three pages. If the site is not listed it is self-evident that the designer cannot do for himself what he claims to be able to do for you!

The truth is that SEO is the 21st century’s equivalent of the philosopher’s stone. No matter what they tell you, nobody has a formula that will get your website to the top of Google’s search results for popular keywords. However, a combination of good web design and high-quality content will provide a strong foundation on which to build a staircase to the top over a period of time. Our business is web design and digital marketing, not SEO. But we do ensure that all websites we develop are search engine friendly. This means that your website will have the kind of structure, speed and coding that search engines like Google approve of.

Reliable web design in Bedford

It goes without saying that reliability would be high on any list of requirements for a business looking for web design. Unsurprisingly, every web designer in Bedford will claim to provide the most reliable service. Web designers are no different from any other businesses. They range from the totally reliable to the not-so-reliable. Our new clients are always welcome to verify our position in the “totally reliable” part of the scale by requesting references from past and existing clients.

The best Bedford based web design agency

So whether you need a website for your business products or services, your charity, community enterprise, or for something that you do as an individual, why not contact us? Or visit our website design page to view our prices. Together we can ensure that your business benefits from the best web design company in Bedford.

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