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Increase your website conversion rates

Having a beautifully designed website that works well across a multitude of browsers and platforms may attract high traffic but converting that traffic into qualified leads and repeat sales can be more difficult than many website owners think.

It is said that you have three seconds to gain a user’s attention so you need to make sure that your page has a clear headline, call to actions, summary text consisting of two to three lines that tells the user what makes your product or service fit their needs in a clear concise and catching manner. Don’t use text which is hard to read, a font size of around 16 pixels and approximately 13 words on each line. It’s better to use statements rather than walls of text to describe your product or service as people tend not to read on screens as they do on paper.

website conversion

The overuse of different marketing messages reduces the impact of the value of a proposition. By clarifying the value proposition and then anticipating progression through design, click through and conversion rates will increase. Maintain continuity on your website to positively impact visitors experience from page to page.

Below are some key points:

  • Prioritise most important elements on the page above the fold
  • If an element is not adding direct value to the purchase process remove it from a high real estate critical point
  • Less is more, capitalise on buyer momentum
  • Do not include product information if the visitor doesn’t need it to convert
  • Understand what the pain points are for your visitor on each webpage and address them in the copy and design
  • If you are selling products on your website don’t have too many competing product options as it can confuse the user

Engage your users

Keep your users engaged with blogs, videos, newsletters and articles relating to your product or service. Even if the user doesn’t make a purchase first time around by having these they are more likely to bookmark your website and return at a later date.

Engage your users

Providing newsletters is a great way to engage visitors that want to learn the latest news about your business or to provide discounts on the products or services that you offer. This will help you keep a direct line of communication open so that people listen to what you have to say even when they aren’t on your website and will keep them engaged with your business until they are ready to convert.

Optimise your website for mobile

Statistics show that more than 50% of searches are from a mobile device so if your website is not optimised for mobile you are losing out on at least 50% of potential customers.
optimise your website for mobile
Gone are the days when a separate website is needed for desktop and mobile devices. Nowadays a good website designer will develop a website in what is known as a responsive design. Basically, a responsive design means the website will appear consistent across all devices. This allows businesses to tweak the website’s appearance across multiple devices in order to give users the best experience possible based on the screen size. Getting your website mobile optimised will significantly increase a website’s conversion rate.


Understanding your website visitors needs and wants help you address their concerns through design and content. Highlight what distinguishes your company to your visitor will persuade them to move forward with your website as opposed to another.

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