How much does a website cost?

Website Design Costs

If you have decided that your business requires a new website you may not know where to start or how much it costs or even the type of website which best suits your business. ANd the number one question we are always asked by new referalls is HOW MUCH DOES A WEBSITE COST?

There are various stages to building a website and each of these has its own associated cost. There are a number of online services which allow you to build a website with minimal outlay although in most cases these tend to be very basic and don’t cater for anything other than the most basic websites. The code used to create these websites is usually very difficult to maintain and doesn’t lend itself well to search engine optimisation which is obviously a very important factor if you would like your website to reach good results in the search engines.

Another option is to purchase pre-designed templates but these lack individuality and don’t benefit from the knowledge and experience of a professional in the web design or development industry which can be problematic when any maintenance is required further down the line.

Let’s look at the initial costs of getting your business online.

Domain name

Each website will have to have a unique domain name.
Cheapest options are, .biz usually costing around £2 to £3 a year whereas a .com domain name can cost as much as £10 a year. If a particular domain name that you’re interested in is already taken it is possible to apply to purchase it from the owner but this may prove to be very costly. Make sure your domain is setup to auto renew, you don’t want your website to go offline.

Web hosting

The next step after finding domain name is to find a web host. As with the actual website design web hosting prices vary depending on the features you require. For standard features such as email services and small databases hosting can cost as little as £5 a month.

So you’ve bought a domain name and you have a web host, the next stage is to actually have a website designed.

What is the actual cost of building a website?

What is the actual cost of building a website?

Start-ups and small businesses who require brochure type websites detailing information about the company, the services they provide, a means of contact usually via an online form and maybe even a gallery of photos can expect to pay upwards of 40 to £50 per hour through a design agency whereas freelance web developers can cost anywhere from £10 to £70 per hour depending on their experience. Bear in mind a simple website such as a brochure website would usually take about four or five days to build.

Ecommerce websites or websites which require a greater level of complexity the website cost increases due to the time involved in building such websites and it and it is a good idea to get a quote based on the price of the project rather than the price per hour.

With this in mind a small brochure website would roughly be:

Cost of small brochure website
Domain name and hosting for one year£1.99 to £40 a year
Design£400 to £600
Ongoing maintenance costs anything up to £20 per month
Total cost£400 to £800

At we provide a free domain name and hosting for one year. See my website design packages for more information and prices.

Ongoing costs

As your business grows then your website is going to need scaling. Things to consider with onging costs are:

  • Maintenance
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Have clear goal

You should have a clear idea of what it is you require when approaching a website designer, this will ensure that the designer has a clear idea of exactly what you need, things like how many pages, functionality, do you wish to sell online? Will you be providing images? If not the cost of stock images will need to be considered.

Having a good rapport with your designer is very important, you want the process to be a smooth, hassle-free experience. So when choosing a website designer make sure they understand what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Remember cheapest does not necessarily mean value for money.

A good website designer is more than just a designer. What I mean by that is they are also someone who will help with strategy, helping the client understand how to set a strategy for their online business. Helping the client to achieve more customers, more leads, more donors, or whatever their strategic goals are.

To give you an idea about some of the more expensive websites HMRC website recently cost 35 million pounds per year to build and maintain for 3 years! There was a business link website built few years ago which cost £105 million pounds which included £4.4 million design and build, 4.7 million pound infrastructure and £15.3 million provision and four and a half million pounds on testing and evaluation!