With a population of 1,184,400, Hertfordshire is the third most prosperous county in England (following Surrey and Kent). Fast broadband speeds are available almost everywhere in the county and nearly every resident is the owner of a smartphone. Most also own desktops, laptops and tablets. They are generally savvy and adept in website usage, making regular online shopping decisions and subscribing to all manner of local and global services. 

It is essential that web design for Hertfordshire businesses and other organisations match all of these factors. We are based just two miles from the Hertfordshire border in Bedfordshire and have life-long connections and experience of both counties.

Do you have an existing website that reaches and makes an impact with people you most want as customers?

Probably the only thing worse than having a web design that doesn’t attract any visitors is having one that attracts thousands that turn out to be the wrong audience for your products or services. 

Imagine having a business that provides a local service only relevant to Hertfordshire residents but having a website that attracts thousands of non-local visitors. Wouldn’t that be a frustrating waste of your time?

Does the web design combine what is right for your business and right for your audience?

It makes no difference whether the function of your site is to directly generate revenue or leads. You might be retailing a global product or be a purely local, Hertfordshire charity. Either way, the most important thing is that the moment someone visits your site they will want to dwell longer, explore, and easily find their way to whatever place you have chosen for your “call-to-action”.

Does the website design captivate the full attention of your visitors within the first 30 seconds of their visit?

Nearly all experts and psychologists agree that it is the first 30 seconds after landing on a website page that are vitally important in determining the further actions of the visitor. The chances are that if your visitors do not engage with your content during that time, they will leave the website. Carefully crafted content and web design are needed to maximise the immediate attention grabbing effectiveness of every page, especially the home page.

Is your website more than just pleasing on the eye?

Many of your Hertfordshire based competitors have websites with designs that look creatively and artistically stunning but when you try to find your way around them or get the answers to your questions, you discover that they lack clarity, substance, and direction. Their proud owners and self-indulgent creators fail to realise why visitors leave so quickly, seldom interact and rarely convert as customers.

Does your website cultivate visitor trust?

Well thought out and sensitive web design can cultivate an atmosphere so that when someone visits your website, they are likely to convert into a customer, return and eventually become a repeat customer. This is an even more essential part of web design in an internet-savvy county like Hertfordshire.

Does your website design include an inbound marketing strategy?

An inbound marketing strategy is one that uses and harnesses many separate web marketing tactics. The most common ones are content marketing, landing page creation, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising and email campaigns. 

Has your web designer ensured that every one of your web pages includes a clear CTA?

CTAs (Calls to Action) are essential to every web page. Without a CTA, even visitors who are truly captivated by your page content are likely to drift away without ever taking the vital step which brings them nearer to converting into customers. 

How mobile friendly is your web design?

These days, most websites have a mobile responsive design but there can be considerable variation in website designs as to just how mobile friendly they are. A truly mobile friendly website design will ensure that it can be comfortably viewed and navigated on the full range of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. 

The highest standards of “mobile-friendliness” need to be built into web design for Hertfordshire enterprises and organisations. This is essential as the local population’s familiarisation of internet usage is generally higher than in other regions.

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