Bespoke Elearning

My design and development skills make me passionate about elearning. My aim is to create exciting online training that positively engages users, whilst delivering your message clearly.

I believe that the elearning solutions I provide should be sustainable. Using Articulate software and HTML5 allows me to develop elearning with responsive design, ensuring the courses can work seamlessly on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

The elearning packages I create engage and challenge your learners, leaving a lasting impact. Each project is designed to incorporate all learning styles using a variety of activities, learning points and reflective tools.

Complete Elearning solutions

A commitment to individuality

By taking the time to thoroughly understand your organisation, your development goals, your training needs and your subject matter, I am able to get a true feel of the best way to bring your elearning project to life. By including stories, facts and company history in your elearning package, it is guaranteed to have the personal touch!

Organisational need

Motivated and well informed staff increases productivity

Organisational need defines your requirement to meet your current and future training needs as set out in your strategic overview. It’s my job to understand your vision and bring it to life by creating the best possible online learning experience for your staff and your organisation.

By creating sustainable and current elearning packages, I can help you to meet your training goals. This, in turn, empowers staff to be the best they can be in their roles.

Learner centred

Encouraging reflective learning brings results

Bespoke elearning is about understanding learning styles, current concepts and theories. With over a decade’s experience in learning and development, I am able to translate your content into experiences that are motivating, memorable and performance-improving.


Engagement of learners is the key to professional development

Designing an easy-to-use interface, and using learner controlled video and animation within the course, gives the user control over their learning experience and the ability to learn at their own pace.

I use multimedia, including voiceovers, animations, videos and quizzes, as expereince has taught me that this is the most effective way to help learners to connect emotionally with your subject.

Learning outcomes

Relevant, current aims and objectives are key

I believe that every course should have a clear and structured outline. Based on your subject matter, this will include an overview of the desired learning outcome, a breakdown of the aims of the course, and the ultimate learning objective.

I can build measureable assessments, tests and reflective learning logs into courses to enable you to evaluate learner knowledge. Experience has shown me that this can prove to be very effective when measuring core training and development relevant to your organisation.

Example Elearning

Elearing design
Elearing design
Elearing design
Elearing design

Some current and previous elearning packages to date..

  • Online Health & Safety
  • Staff Inductions
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Unconscious Bias In The Workplace
  • Equality & Diversity In The Workplace
  • Information Security
  • Mental Capacity & DoLS
  • Microsoft Office Suite For Beginners
  • Systems Architecture
  • Talent Mapping in Recruitment