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We provide cost-effective website design & digital marketing that is individually tailored to meet your requirements whilst delivering the highest impact to your business.

We strongly believe it’s important that an online experience should be engaging and enjoyable. When people are feeling good and they are involved with the content, extensive research has shown they are more likely to make enquires or purchase goods.

Webhound Mediadesigner

Name: Simon Palmer

Role: Founder

My credentials/past experiences

I stem from a university background in traditional graphic design and illustration. The dot com boom in 1998 inevitably led me to website design and instructional design (elearning).

Working for major national brands initially as a front-end web developer, my role over the years evolved into a mix of both website design and digital marketing which enabled me to gain a good foundation in understanding business from a marketing perspective.

In 2016 I decided the best way to move my career forward was to set up a cost-effective, expert website design and marketing company committed to helping small businesses gain market exposure, and I haven’t looked back since.

What do I do at Webhound Media?

I am the owner and founder of Webhound Media. Fueled by the desire to help small businesses grow and flourish, Webhound Media plans to help 100+ businesses by 2020.

In addition to overseeing the development of the business, I also personally get in involved with the design and development of client websites, manage a team of freelancers and manage client accounts.

What I like about working at Webhound Media

As the owner of a design and marketing company, I am blessed with the daily opportunity to work with clients helping them to power their business, generate leads and ultimately, make them more money.